There are a lot of times when you need a quick snapshot of all the activity that has been happening on a ticket (Incident/service request). For example, if a ticket that has been doing the rounds for some time just got reassigned to you, you would like to see everything that has transpired so far, right from when the ticket first landed in your help desk, to when an agent responded and what they did thereafter. Similarly, you may want to have a quick glance of all the changes happened due to automation rules and custom fields. These are also captured now as part of ‘Activities’ for the agents/admins to refer quickly.  Activities give you a complete snapshot about all the updates happened within a ticket. 

Quick guide to checking your ticket activity history:

  • Click on any ticket from the dashboard or the ticket list to see its details

  • Click on the Activities tab at the bottom of the ticket title

  • The entire list of activities happened so far gets displayed in reverse chronological order

  • You can also export the list of activities using the Export button at the top right of the activities pane 

What type of activities get captured?

    Both user generated and system generated activities get captured that are mentioned below. Activities related to an object (ticket, note, child tickets, tasks, assets) occurring at a single point of time are grouped together. Activities are captured for both Incident and service request type of tickets.

User generated activities: 

    Following is the list of activities that are already available as part of ‘Activities’ module

  • Changes to default fields

  • Merge/split tickets

  • Delete tickets

  • Add/edit/delete any notes

  • Adding, deleting, updating task

  • Link to/Detach from a problem

  • Link to/Detach from a change

In addition to the above list, we have included below activities to provide a complete context and also revamped the presentation of activities.

  • Changes to custom fields

  • Add/Remove tags

  • Add/Remove watchers

  • Add CCs to tickets

  • Child ticket creation/Removal

  • Add/Delete CI

System generated activities:

    Activities performed by human actors (Requesters, Agents) are differentiated from System actors (System rules, Automation rules, SLAs) in terms of presentation. Based on assigned role, admin/agents will be able to see the name of underlying automation rule and clicking on available hyperlink will lead to corresponding automation rule configuration page. Following system generated activities are captured.

  • Automation rules

  • Skip new ticket email notification

  • Trigger Webhook

  • SLA policy attachment

Below is a snapshot of user and system generated activities that are captured within an Incident ticket.

Service request ticket activities: 

Activities specific to a service request ticket such as creation, updates to requested item details and approval status are captured.

  • Service item creation 

  • Service request item deletion 

  • Requested Item details changed

  • Approval request, ‘sent to’ details 

  • Reminder on approval request sent 

  • Approval request cancelled