Even as you are working on a ticket, you might want to change its status, re-categorize it, assign it to someone else in your team, and generally update its properties. The “Ticket Properties” option lets you modify and update any fields associated with a ticket from the sidebar. 

Apart from the ticket fields, you could also modify the Due By time of the ticket by clicking on the which is defined automatically based on your SLA policies.

Quick guide for managing ticket properties:

  • Click on any ticket from the dashboard or the ticket list to see its details

  • Head over to the Ticket Properties section on the right-side menu.

  • Using the dropdown boxes, choose and edit the priority, status, and other fields in the ticket properties list

  • Click Update once done

Quick guide to manually changing the Ticket Due by Time

  • Click on any ticket from the dashboard or the ticket list to see its details

  • The current first response and resolution due date is visible at the top, on the right-hand side of the screen

  • Click on the Resolution due to edit it

    • Either choose from the contextual date options (due today, tomorrow, next week, etc.) or click Pick date and time to enter a specific date and time

  • Set the custom date and time and hit Update


1. How do I change ticket properties? 

Navigate to Admin Settings (Ensure you're inside the same workspace as the ticket) > Field Manager > Ticket Fields > Click on any field to make changes to the existing values to add new ones, or create new fields from the list of available fields types present at the top --> Save.

2. I have a field that is greyed out and cannot be edited. How do I make it editable? 

This field is disabled by a business rule. Navigate to Admin Settings --> Business rules --> Identify the rule that has disabled the field and turn it OFF/remove the field from the rule.