An on-call schedule is an availability plan that ensures that the most suitable person is always available – whether day or night, weekday, weekend, or on a holiday – to address critical incidents. A few points to note:

  1. On-call management for an organization could have multiple on-call schedules
  2. Each on-call schedule is either mapped to an agent group specializing in a domain, or is responsible for a location, or a combination of the two
  3. A schedule covers all hours and all days i.e. at all times, someone or the other is available to address an incident
  4. Each on-call schedule can have one or more shifts
  5. A shift is a pattern for time slots by day or time zone or both. For example, there could be a weekday shift, a weekend shift, APAC shift, North America shift, or North America weekday shift.

Step 1

Navigate to the Admin panel of your Freshservice instance, scroll down to the IT Operations Management section, and select On-Call Schedules. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin > {Worskpace Name} IT Operations Management section > On-Call Schedules.

Step 2

You are now on the On-Call Schedules page that typically lists all the schedules created till date. A first-time user, however, would see the following page. To create a new on-call schedule, select New on-call schedule.

Step 3

Name the schedule and associate an agent group with it. Both these steps are mandatory. A description of the schedule is optional. For instance, let’s create an on-call schedule for Database EMEA agent group. 

Note: An agent group associated with an on-call schedule will not be available for selection. In case no agent group is available for selection, go to the Admin panel, scroll down to User Management section, and create a new agent group. This new agent group will then be available for selection when you create a new on-call schedule.

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