With Freshservice, you can now add or import locations so it’s easier to segregate and locate configuration items. You can also configure locations in the parent-child hierarchy (for eg:  if your company operates out of multiple places,  you could have the country name at the top followed by the state, district and city.) with each field being a separate record by itself.

How to add new locations?

  • Log into you Freshservice Admin console

  • Navigate to Admin -> Asset Management -> Locations -> New Location. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin -> Global Settings -> Asset Management -> Locations -> New Location

  • You can now fill out the details of the location and select the parent location from the drop-down and click Save

  • Once that’s done, you can hit save and you’ll have the location listed in a hierarchical format

How to import locations?

  • Log into you Freshservice Admin console, navigate to Admin  -> Asset Management -> Locations -Import. If your account has more than one workspace, navigate to Admin -> Global Settings -> Asset Management -> Locations -Import

  • Here, you can now upload or drag and drop the .CSV file and click Next 

  • Map your Freshservice fields to the .CSV file and click Import. You can also see how many records have failed, updated and so on. 

  • Once the import status has been changed to Completed you can see the entire list of fields updated in Freshservice.


Before you upload, ensure that your CSV file has

  1. A row header with field name (eg: Location Name, Parent Location, Primary Contact, etc)

  2. Column for the mandatory field- Location name

  3. Make sure the parent location is in a hierarchical path (For eg: If the parent location of California is USA, ensure that the path for it is written as USA/ California)

  4. Encoded in UTF-8

  • Next, map your CSV fields to your Freshservice fields and click Import.