Note [June 2018]: This solution shows how to maintain licenses and check compliance in the new Software module. The old SLM report has been discontinued.

Freshservice allows you to track the software installed across your organization and compare these installations against the licenses purchased. 

Here's how you can start tracking the software installations vs purchased licenses:

  1. Classify software you wish to track as Managed.
  2. In Assets -> Software, search for the software you wish to maintain licenses for and classify it as Managed.

Add Software Licenses

  1. Click on the Software and navigate to the Licenses tab.
  2. Click Add new Contract.
  3. The software details are automatically updated. Choose the license type, license count and all the other details before saving the contract.
  4. Once the contract is saved and is made Active (after all the approvals), the license count will reflect in the Software detail page and the compliance information is being updated as well.

Compliance Calculation

There are three compliance statuses that are recorded for every software

  • Compliant
    For volume licenses, if the Purchased count > Installed count, the software is compliant. For all the other license types, if the contract is valid and active, then the software is compliant. 

  • Non-Compliant
    This status indicates either the Purchased count < Installed count or that the licenses purchased have expired. This requires your immediate attention. The dashboard notification is also displayed if there are non-compliant software in your organization.

  • Unlicensed
    This status indicates that the software does not have any corresponding licenses associated (active or expired). This unlicensed software is also listed in the SLM report and you can take action on any software that may need licensing.