The Observer in Freshservice lets you automate actions in your helpdesk when the events you specify are triggered in a ticket/probem/change/release (in real-time). You can use it to modify status, change priorities and even send out notification alerts as soon as certain conditions are met.  

For example, you can create an Observer rule to automatically reopen resolved tickets the moment the requester replies to it. Or you could create one that alerts the big guns when a high impact issue arrives at your doorstep. This way, your support agents do not spend time running back to check on tickets, and you can still stay on top of things that you should.

Unlike the Dispatch'r and the Supervisor, the Observer is a trigger-based automation that constantly watches all activities in your service desk and matches them against the conditions you specified.

Anatomy of the Observer

a) What triggers this rule? Any ticket related event in the helpdesk that is caused by a user causes the Observer to spring into action.

b) Who causes the event?  You can choose to mention whether the rule should be executed only if an agent causes the event or if a requester does; choose 'Anyone' if it doesn't matter who causes the event.

Note: the requester can include any contact in the CC and BCC field of the ticket

c) What other conditions should the ticket/probem/change/release record match? You can specify the properties that a ticket has to possess for the rule to be applied to it. For example, the ticket's priority should be low or the status set to resolved.

d) What actions should this rule perform? Specify which actions have to be executed if all the conditions are met. It could be anything from changing the ticket's priority to deleting it.

All the rules you create will be listed in the Observer page. You can edit an existing rule or delete/deactivate it by hovering over the option and choosing Edit or Delete/Deactivate. Please note that Observer rules are processed sequentially. The changes performed by one rule might affect how subsequent rules get executed.

Quick guide to creating an Observer rule:

  • Go to the Admin tab in your Freshservice account.

  • Click on the Observer icon.

  • Click on the New Rule button.

  • Enter an appropriate name and description for the rule.

  • Specify the event triggers:

    • Choose a trigger from the drop down list and select the filters for it. For example: If the trigger is that a ticket priority has been changed from low to high, you choose the ‘Priority is changed’ trigger from the drop down list and then select that it’s been changed from ‘Low’ to ‘High’ on the corresponding filters.

    • You can add additional triggers by clicking on Add New Event.

    • You can delete a trigger by clicking on the - symbol in red.

    • Choose whether the event has to be performed by a requester or an agent. If it doesn’t matter whether it’s an agent or a requester, select ‘Anyone’.

  • Choose which conditions should be met for the rule to be triggered:

    • Choose the conditions from the drop down list and set the filters.

    • You can add additional conditions by clicking Add New Condition.

    • Specify whether all of the conditions have to be present for the action to be performed or just one of them is sufficient.

    • You can delete a condition by clicking on the - symbol in red.

  • Adding the actions to be performed:

    • Choose an action from the drop down list and select the filters for it.

    • For example, if you want to set the status as ‘Closed’, select ‘Set Status As’ from the first drop down list and then select ‘Closed’ on the second drop down list.

    • You can add more actions by clicking on Add New Action.

    • You can delete an action by clicking on the - symbol in red.

  • Hit Save once you’re done to save the rule.