Every time your agents login to your support portal, the first the first thing they see is the Dashboard. The Dashboard shows a complete overview of recent activities in your help desk including a basic summary of all the tickets.

The Dashboard consists of the following items:

  • Ticket Summary ribbon
  • Recent Activity list
  • Announcements
  • My Tasks
  • Available Quests

The Ticket Summary tells you how many tickets including incidents and service requests that haven’t been resolved or closed in your helpdesk. The number of tickets having various statuses, including Open, On-Hold, Due Today, Unassigned and Overdue show up right on top for easy reference.

The Recent Activity feed shows you a timeline of new tickets, problems, changes and releases that are being worked upon currently. It shows notes, status changes, and tasks depending upon the scope of the agent who is viewing it.  You can directly jump into a ticket, requester, or agent by clicking on the corresponding link in the activity feed.

The sidebar of the Dashboard shows a list of Announcements that have been made in your helpdesk recently. These announcements to all the agents in your team and will be seen everytime they login to or open their account. It can be used to quickly spread word about upcoming events or important activities in your organization. 

The My Tasks section shows up on the right hand side of the Dashboard and acts as a reminder for performing important tasks on your help desk. It displays upcoming tasks that are due in the next few days and also shows up a list of tasks that are in progress. The list is customized to each of your agents separately based on tasks assigned to them and can be used as a personal to-do list.

The Available Quests section is a part of the gamification feature of freshservice that shows up on the right hand side. The tasks to be done to accomplish a quest are displayed. For further information about quests and gamification click here.