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Freshservice Release Notes February 2014 to December 2014

This is a list of features that have been added to Freshservice since the GA release. We will add to this post as new features get added. You can check back here to see what's new.

  • Ability to send Service Request Approval 
  • Asset Expiry Notification
  • Ability to import assets from Csv
  • Gamification of servicedesk
  • Round robin ticket assignment


Update - Feb 15, 2014

Here's the list of features we have updated this last week on Freshservice. You can check back on here in later weeks to see what's new.

1. Department Filter - 'Department' is now an export field.

2. Ticket Export is enabled.
3. Freshbooks integration is live.

4. LogmeIn Integration is live.

5. Custom SSL for Estate Plan is enabled. 

Update - Feb 22, 2014

1.  Trusted IP - Ability to restrict the IP Addresses to access your Freshservice account

2.  CMDB Map View

Update - Mar 8, 2014

CI export - Ability to export CIs from CMDB as a CSV or an excel file. 

Update - Mar 15 , 2014

  1. Locations - Ability to create multiple locations and associate to Assets
  2. Ability to define separate SLA for Incident and Service Request
  3. First name / last name option for Requesters

Update - March 24, 2014

1. Department Head privilege - in Requesters form, previously the option to give privilege to requesters to view all tickets of the selected departments was absent. This is now possible.

2. CIs 'Location' field will be indexed for searching.

3. Changes in ticket approvals page UI

4. CI Type will now get auto populated in the CI Add New form with respect to the chosen CI type.

5. Asset limit validation has been done in trail user.

6. SAML integration

Update - March 29, 2014


1. In Problem/Change/Release modules, whenever a field property is updated, only the specific areas in the page gets reloaded.

2. Probe version 1.0.5 introduced

    -  Supporting OU with '\' in it

    -  Support multi language scanned data.

3. Zero click SSO from Gmail Gadget.

Bug Fixes

1. Icon correction for Planning & Solution in Problem/Change/Release pages

2. IP range scan was throwing error alert message if Windows or SSH credentials are not properly configured. [Support Ticket ID: 99836]

3. Requester not being able to open the ticket attachments for the tickets raised by other requesters in his department. [Support Ticket ID: 100679 ]

4. CMDB list view - When the field values of the columns are too long, they'll be truncated with '...' & the full value will be shown on mouse hover.

Update - April 7, 2014


1. Provided attachment option while adding a CI.
2. Included 'Add Task' as an action item for Dispatch'r, Supervisor, Scenario Automation & Observer.
3. Included user custom 'Status' for ITIL [for Problem,Change,Release].

Bug Fixes

1.  Requester cannot reply on the ticket which is in his department, but not created by him - has been fixed. [Support Ticket ID: 100679]
2. Requester cannot search for a ticket which is in department, but not created by him - has been fixed [Support Ticket ID: 100679]
3. Null displayed as ticket in Freshservice mobile client - has been fixed
4. The associated Change ID which was shown in the tickets details as incorrect - has been fixed 

Update - April 12, 2014

1.  Harvest Integration  

2.  Ability to add requesters to CAB

3.  More Languages - French, Russian, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish(LA) 

Update - April 19, 2014


Pre populating the ticket's subject, description and CIs on creating a new Problem/Change from the Tickets view page.


Bug Fixes:

Issue in scanning multiple IP ranges sequentially - has been fixed

Update - May 12, 2014

Feedback Widget that lets you embed a ticket form directly into a  website or product.



1. Asset/CI state customization.

2. Associating CI to a ticket in requester login.


1. Ampersands (&) in a solution category title get rendered as a tag. 
2. Solution view used to be messed up in the customer portal when invalid image is added into its description. Fixed. 
3. Inability to add a parent location in IE 10 browser has been fixed.

2 June 2014

Scheduler - User can schedule tickets at periodic intervals to remind the service desk of important tasks.

Update - June 9, 2014

New features:

1. Asset Depreciation
2. Google Calendar Integration

Update - June 14, 2014

Software scanning [Need to download the latest version of the probe - v1.07 from Admin -> Discovery]

23 June 2014

  1. Introduced Proxy server settings in Probe configuration. Previously we have had issues with scanning the machines behind proxy servers.
  2. 'Attach CI' option introduced in scheduler.
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