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Release Notes - 16th April 2021


Note: All the enhancements below are live in plans Blossom, Starter, Garden and Growth plans. It will be available in Estate,Pro, Forest and Enterprise plans from April 30th.

Set Action to Support Dynamic Placeholders:Leverage placeholders and liquid filters to set values to free input fields such as Text, Paragraph and Numeric fields..With this, you can set a derived value in a Custom field and then use that same field within a subsequent condition block since these actions are executed sequentially.

For example: Set the Total Cost field as a product of Rate and Quantity fields, and then pull in a condition block to branch out based on this Total Cost. You can get pretty creative with this enhancement!

Requester and Request For Custom Fields as Placeholders - Access both default and custom user fields for the Requester and Requested For as placeholders in ticket and change automators.
For example: If you've got requester fields like ‘Employee ID’ that you use to integrate with Okta/Azure AD, you can now use these fields as placeholders in your requests.

Execution Log Link within a Workflow: Added a 'View execution logs' link within each workflow for easy access during the workflow design/debugging stages, especially if you're configuring App Actions.

Total Billable Hours & Non-billable hours as Placeholders:  Access the Total billable and non-billable hours as placeholders to calculate costs or send to 3rd party billing systems.

Support for Requester fields in change workflows condition: Configure Change Workflows using fields from requester profile as conditions.

Mandate/Non-Mandate Association of an Asset via Business Rules: Mandate and Non mandate the association of an asset for Tickets. For example: You can now mandate that agents associate assets for Tickets with the Hardware Category. If no assets are associated a validation error is thrown and if a single asset is associated, then the delete option is hidden so that users cannot delete the associated asset.

Business Rules Enhancements - Set Options: Restrict the choices in a dropdown  (default, custom, lookups, dependent and section fields) for a specified condition using set and Remove options.

Reader Support for dynamic placeholders: Leverage placeholders to match Text and Numeric fields within the Reader Node filters. Along with the benefit of using Liquid filters, every other module that's supported in the placeholder section such as Employee Onboarding fields can now also be used to match records read from this node.

Alert Management Enhancements:

  • Introducing ‘Add Notes’ to Alerts -  Add notes to alert to inform other agents about the remediation action done.

  • Support for ‘Reopened’ status in Alerts: Added new custom status option ‘Reopened’ for uniquely identifying alerts that are reopened.

  • Update all incident fields and perform more actions on incidents via alert rules: Update ticket properties like priority, category, status and department as part of ticket creation via alert rules.

  • Filter acknowledged alerts:  Easily filter out alerts that are acknowledged by agents right from Alerts List view page.

    Simplified set-up process for Virtual Agent for Slack: Install Virtual Agent for Slack right from Admin -> Virtual Agent section. In the previous version, users were redirected to Marketplace to install Virtual Agent for Slack.

    Probe v4.6.0
    - Performance and Security Enhancements and fixed an issue with SNMP device discovery where devices without OID were not properly identified as SNMP devices.

    Windows Agent v2.8.0 - Performance and security improvements.

    Mac Agent v4.1.0 - Performance and security improvements.

    QR Code support in the Label Designer App: Modify the asset labels to include either a QR code or a Barcode in the Label Designer app.

    Time Entry Fields: Introducing custom fields for time entries where users can add custom fields and also customize their forms for time entries.. All time entry fields created will be reflected within the ticket’s detail page.

    As a part of this enhancement, we’ve introduced a section called “Field Manager” that will continue to support form fields for ticket, problem, change and release in addition to form fields for time entries as well.

Ticket Reply Editor: Added an option to Remove quoted text’ while replying to requesters on tickets.

Bug Fixes:

Business Rules- Ticket Printout should not show Hidden fields: Fields that are hidden on ticket properties section via Business Rules will now also be hidden in Ticket Printouts.

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