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Has anyone done a substring from a ticket body to use in an automation?

We receive a standard email from our HR system for new hires, a copy is below.

This is sent to freshservice and raises a service request via a simple automation.

We would like to make the automation more intelligent and send a mail out to the owners of business systems to setup the user.

Can we extract certain lines from the message body to use in the new mail, like placeholders but custom.

we would like to be able to send the Name, Employee ID, Job Title and email address lines to the business system administrators so that they can grant access required for that role, but we cannot forward the whole mail because it would contain the user's password.

Hi Local IT,

A hire of a new employee has been processed by the Workday integration system. Please find details of the employee below.

Name: New Hire

Username: OR AD\new.hire

Password: password

Start Date: Tuesday, 30th July 2019

Start Reason: New Hire

Employee ID: 12345

Email Address:

SFB Account Status: Skype for Business account created

Preferred First Name: New

Preferred Last Name: Hire

VBU Name: Company

Job Title: Finance Assistant

Manager: Hiring Manager

Region: UK

Country: United Kingdom

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Hi John,

This is a very valid use-case but we wouldn’t be able to pull only certain data from the ticket body. The {{ticket.description}} placeholder will return the complete content of the ticket body/description.

This can be easily achieved if the employee details were contained within the service item form fields and we have placeholders available for all custom service item fields in the workflow automator.

Instead of sending an email to create an incident ticket, if you set up a service item form for Employee Onboarding which the HR personnel can fill, we can completely automate this process as you require.

Let us know your thoughts.

Cheers :)

Team Freshservice

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