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[Coming Soon] Orchestration Center- BETA


With the Orchestration Center you will be able to seamlessly automate end-end processes that require actions in 3rd party applications such as IAM apps (Azure AD, Okta) , Collaboration apps (Slack) , Cloud Infra apps (AWS EC2) to name a few.  

What's available in the BETA:

  • Orchestration Apps : These are a special category of applications whose actions can be invoked within the Freshservice workflow automator. The apps supported for the beta include

    • Azure AD - Manage Users, Groups, Applications and other Objects
    • GSuite- Manage Users, Groups and Roles 
    • Okta -  Manage Users, Groups, Applications and other Objects 
    • AWS EC2 - Manage Instances, Security Groups, VPCs and more
    • Slack - Manage Users, Channels and Messaging
    • Zoom -Manage Meetings, Users, Groups and Roles
  • App Node in Workflows:  Use the new App Node to invoke the actions for the apps above.
  • Context Aware Workflows: Advanced automation use cases demand that workflows become context aware, which means the outputs of one action can be passed on and referenced as inputs in other conditions and action nodes.
  • Workflow Execution Logs: To track, debug and audit executions of workflows from start to finish. Today, only app actions will be logged. Support for other nodes will follow in future iterations.

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Really looking forward to this - Azure AD orchestration will be a game changer for us. 

Amazing guys!  And love the thought that went into the selection of the first set of services to support.  You hit the big 6 perfectly!  Can't wait to check it out.

Hi team.. Any update on when this will be available?

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