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The Freshservice + Freshchat integration is now available for early access!


With this, Freshservice now officially supports chat as a channel for service desk tickets. Chat as a channel is useful for the IT org because

  1. It makes the IT service desk more accessible and reduces friction for employees reaching out to the service desk
  2. Improves CSAT ratings
  3. Reduces productive time lost by employees due to IT issues
  4. Leads to high responsiveness and faster resolution

While for the requester, chat brings about

  1. Ease of use - without chat, the requester would have to go to the portal and raise a ticket and fill out a lot of details. With chat, the requester can raise an issue very quickly.
  2. Useful for queries that involve a lot of back and forth - With chat as the mode of communication, when a requester is chatting with an agent - a response is expected instantly which helps save time for complex queries.
  3. Faster resolution - leading to lesser productive hours being lost to IT issues.

Today, we have some customers using both Freshservice and Freshchat but this release ensures that the agent need not switch between Freshservice and Freshchat to handle tickets and chats respectively and can answer chats from within Freshservice itself.


  1. Setup chat as a channel from FS admin settings - The FS admin can either sign up for a new Freshchat account or link an existing account from admin settings.
  2. Agent chat widget within FS - FS agents who are also agents in Freshchat can handle chats right from within FS itself.
  3. Convert chats to tickets - Chats can also be converted to FS tickets
  4. Configure ticket fields that need to be present when a chat is converted to a ticket. This can be done from Freshchat integration settings and includes custom fields.

For early access, please enter the account details here and we’ll enable the integration for these accounts.

Note: Existing customers who are using the integration setup from Freshchat, you'll need to enable this feature to be able to see the agent chat widget. Nothing else is impacted and requesters can continue to use the chat widget as they do today.

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Do you need a license for the chat feature?

Hey there Ivonne,

Yes you do need a license for the chat feature. For Freshservice agents to be able to access chat from within Freshservice, they need to be agents on Freshchat first.

Why we still can't sync the solution articles :-( With Freshdesk this is possible...

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