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Changes for Chat Bot on Freshservice ?


We wanted to enable the Chat Bot but the way it works we can't agree to enable it, I explain bellow :

When we enable the chatbot, we can keep the classic portal as default, that's good, then the users can click on the button in the right bottom to go on the chatbot portal,

but from there it's like it's not your portal anymore,

Your picture is not on the portal, you can't change the appearance,

The biggest issue here is the chatbot becomes for the user the default portal, and it's not easy for a user to know how to comeback on the classic portal (clicking on your firstname lastname, then clicking on Switch to Classic view), users wouldn't find the "Switch to Classic view" option,

Is it or will it be possible to manage the graphic settings for the chatbot portal like we can do it with the classic one, and do you intend to make a button to switchback on the classic portal which would be seen directly on the menu like the "Startover" button ?

Thank you for your help,

Best Regards.

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