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Employee Off-boarding


we have Employee On-Boarding which is a great feature and allows a 2-step process, involving the direct report/manager of the onboarded employee.

Now we need the same for Employee Off-Boarding. There are certain information in our process, which only the manager can provide e.g. who gets access to the persons mailbox etc.

So please, integrate Offboarding into FreshService!

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Yess we also need that very urgently

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Off-Boarding is an audit point for me and our auditors are coming back in August to see how we are doing. The manual approach is unrelaible and means we need screen shots and e-mail trails. In the interim as we are a SME I am able to manage my HR team relatively easily. My current workaround is to use On-Boarding but with tweaks on the e-mail wording to reporting managers, use of Placeholders and some custom fields. By doing this I can trigger the request to Off-Board from HR and ultimately pull an On-Boarding report from FS that has closing Categories of 'Joiner' 'Mover' 'Leaver' so come audit time I can pull that report and show against the HR listing we have offboarded someone. It is a bit messy but cuts out the need for tracking e-mails, which my Ops managers hated.

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Defintely interested in this as well! The onboarding module is a great improvement to our organisation, but offboarding is still inefficient.

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