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SLA to perform multiple actions


I would like to be able to perform multiple actions when an SLA or time period is passed.

Specifically, if a response is not given within X business hours and an agent has not been assigned, set/change the group, set an agent, set a tag and a note.

The SLA system only looks at the time, not time and if agent assigned AND it's only action is to assign an agent.

I can create a supervisor automation that looks at time since creation and if an agent is assigned BUT the time is calendar hours and i need it to be business hours.

So, I would think it would be a good thing if :

A) the SLA process could call a scenario automation (for multi step actions)


B) if the "time since" check in Supervisor automation could have a flag to be business hours.

This would give a great deal more power to the customers and would involve only minor code changes as the automation processes are already there to be called.


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