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Team Dashboards in Freshservice

The Agent Dashboard available in Freshservice today offers a single pane of glass for individual agents to manage their work items effectively and track the relevant metrics easily. 

But, often, IT Team leaders and managers require a way to align their team members to the work and metric goals that they track and keep things transparent.


With Team Dashboards, team leaders can configure the widgets that they'd like to track and share the dashboard with their groups easily. By keeping things transparent, team leaders can align the entire team towards the metrics they track, such as, # of Open Tickets assigned to their team in the backlog, SLA Adherence or Average Resolution Times.

  • Each team leader will be able to create and share up to 5 dashboards
  • The existing dashboard will not be altered and agents will be able to switch between their own dashboards and those shared with them
  • This feature will be available soon for customers in Estate and Forest plans

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This is a fantastic idea. Could I suggest an improvement, allowing these team dashboards to be displayed on a communal display? So a dashboard could have a secure link that was able to be copied and moved to another machine connected to a display for a team to view? Would remove the need to configure these and use an agent login, which I would expect is the only way to do this currently. 

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Awesome Sundar. Glad to see this on the roadmap!

What is the timeline for this please? We've been waiting for this for so long!

Hi Hayden,

This is currently under development. We will be able to share the details on the date of release as we get closer to completion.

I shall update this thread once we do. Please stay tuned.

Thank you.



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I agree with the above comment, it needs to be tied to a service account login for a communal display.

I currently have to lock down a PC and use my own account and dashboard to display metrics for our team.

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Any update on this please? Do we have an approximate release date?



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Any update?  This would be really useful!

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Any timeline?


Team Dashboards will be out on Estate and Forest plans for all customers in a week or so.

Stay tuned :)



Product @ Freshservice

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It would be real nice to be able to authorize several groups to see a dashboard :)

We have 3 groups for the Service Desk ; the 3 should get the same dashboard.

As there is no possibility to add a group in another group, we can't have a Big group above the three others.

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