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Filter on Asset State

Asset State seems useless if you can't filter or create workflows based on Asset State change. Unless I am completely missing it.

Hi Joseph,

Freshservice does allow workflows to be built using ‘Asset State’. Since this field is only available for assets of type hardware please make sure to set the ‘Asset type’ as ‘Hardware’ when creating the workflow.



Best Regards,

Team Freshservice

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Aha! Thank you so much, I also see when looking at Assets if you change to Hardware, instead of All Assets, you can filter on Asset State. Thanks for the help!

In my opinion state should belong to assets.
Having to create two separate reports (one hardware assets and one non hardware assets) just so as to filter by state is clunky.

All fields should be available, regardless of root CI type. If the field doesn't exist for that CI, it should just be ignored (included by default).

I hope this makes sense.

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