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API Data Exports with Custom Fields and All Available Data


The API Data Export feature right now has a couple of major flaws:

1) Tasks API Export is published but it does not run even after it has been configured.

2) All API Data Exports do not allow for the addition of custom fields in templates

Can you add into your roadmap the capacity to add service item custom fields into API Data Exports?

In addition, can you allow paragraph type fields in API Data Exports as well as in Fresh Service Analytics module.

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Hello Luis,

When you say " API Data Exports", are you referring to the data exports that happen from Analytics, or is it about our REST APIs?

We need our custom asset hardware fields to show up in reports from Analytics > Data Export to have a full report on all of our assets. 

Hello @Mithun!

Thanks for reaching out! To your question it is in Analytics (Data Exports).

@Vidael: That is a great point. I for one have added a lot of customization in asset hardware fields too. This will be a great addition.

@Freshworks Team: Consider this as a request to pull any custom field no matter where it resides. Service Items, Assets or any other.


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Thanks for the feedback, Vidael and Luis! We understand your requirements, and we've made a note of them. We'll pick them up at the next available opportunity.


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

Hi , 
Any new here ?

I'm a new customer and trying to see who we can create reports based on custom fields 


Hello @here,

Any update?

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