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Purchase Order Management

As a Procurement Manager, we understand that the biggest hurdle you face while establishing a streamlined purchasing process, comes with the use of disparate tools that scatters your information in multiple places and don’t aid you to derive the insights you need, to be fully efficient. 

Referring multiple sources of information to raise a purchase order, updating spreadsheets manually to keep a track of asset utilisation, creating purchase orders in a different tool and struggling to keep a track of the received items in another, can only lead to process delays, confusions in auditing, under utilisation of your resources and inefficiencies in the process.

By introducing Purchase Order Management, we want to help you toss away the disparate tools and embrace an efficient solution to manage your entire asset life cycle from Procurement to Retirement, within Freshservice.

We are working on helping you achieve the following :

  1. Raise a Purchase Order after checking the asset utilisation 
  2. Quickly create a Purchase Order by leveraging the vendor catalog, location details and product/software catalog 
  3. Customise your PO form to capture additional information
  4. Download the PO in PDF format to send it to the vendor
  5. Route your purchase order through multiple stages of approval
  6. Track the Purchase Order through different stages of its fulfilment
  7. Notify your stakeholders about the different stages of purchase.
  8. Collate your vendor quotations, invoices and purchase orders in one place
  9. Associate the request that initiates the purchase order
  10. Keep a log of the changes made in the purchase order
  11. Keep a count of the items received / yet to be received and seamlessly onboard the items to the inventory
  12. Keep a track of the purchase order through which the assets were purchased
  13. View a list of all the purchases made in one place and be able to search, sort and filter them.
  14. Report on the purchases made, to be able to identify key areas of improvement.

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We have prioritised the fix and we are working on the reported issue.I will update once this is in place.

Hi could we have the ability to customise the PDF for the PO's add a different logo or lay out as the main fresh service logo we have does not print out on white paper correctly?

Also can we add business rules to email the approval that they need to approve a new PO and once approved email the requester to say complete and email the supplier?

Hi , could we add more items in the purchase details. We have reach a limite of 15 items can be added. Can we extend this limit. Also can the signature of the approver is on the pdf ? Thanks ,


Any date for the export in .CSV file ?

Also, the next step would be to prepare the Purchase Order, and once validated, being able to automatically create the assets in the inventory based on the Purchase List. This is a must have feature that will offer a lot of benefits.

Like that, we can get rid of Bulk Importing the assets in the purchsase proces with the CSV import feature which is a real pain for Common SD Agents.

Will you create this feature ?

Hi Jeremy,

Exporting in .CSV and creating assets in inventory from the PO page after you have received them, are features that are currently being worked on. The export feature will be shipped sooner. I'll update you once they are out.

@Keith - We currently use the logo that you have uploaded in Admin > Helpdesk rebranding. Can you try giving a shot at customising it? We can discuss further if it doesn't solve your use case still. 

Wrt other requirement, it is great suggestion. We'll try to see how we can accommodate this in our future enhancements.

Do you know when this feature will be available to everyone?


This feature is live for new plans - Growth, Pro and Enterprise.

In addition to what was already available in the beta scope, we have shipped the following items:

  • Filtering and exporting purchase orders in CSV format for reporting.

  • Ability to customise the purchase order number

  • Sending the orders to multiple rounds of approval to prevent maverick spending.

  • A simple process to keep a tab of the received items to ensure receiving the items on time.

  • Raising a purchase order from the service request page and also the ability to link it back to the purchase orders at a later stage to fulfil requests on time.

  • Bug fixes for all the above reported issues.

We are fast following with the ability to create assets in the inventory from the purchase order page after receiving them.

You can use the feedback widget in the purchase order list page to continue sending your feedback and requirements.


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Hi there, is the ability to have your own prefix on the roadmap for this module? Example: Begin the PO's with Year- at a minimum. So 2021-0001. 


Hi, we currently have the Estate package, when/how are we going to be transitioned to the new format of packages to enable us to use the Purchase Order system? Thanks

Also am waiting..

tried to sign up for the Beta, never received a reply.

Contacted Sales, they said I would be updated to this feature in a couple of months...

I continue to wait. I already use homegrown forms and asset importing to handle PO management in my helpdesk... I am EXTREMELY anxious to start using am integrated system

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