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Parent child owner - Service Request Bundle

How can I change the owner of the child ticket?
The child ticket requester is SYSTEM, but I want that the child ticket has the same owner of the parent ticket.
Simply because two separate teams will act on this, one in the parent ticket and another team on the child ticket, and they possibly will interact with the client.
Today, with the owner of the child ticket set to be SYSTEM I dont have a conversation with the client.

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We have the exact same issue in our company and we have reiterated this to Freshservice since launch.

Their best answer for us was that this is by design as having the same requester for all those child tickets would generate an email for every single ticket potentially spamming users.

Using the new employee onboarding module fixes this issue, but we can't use it yet as it's not as customisable as we need it to be. 

As a placeholder we have created a script that we run manually using the Freshservice API. We plug in the ticket number and it matches all tickets with the same requester as the parent. We have a task on the ticket to run this, and agents cannot close the ticket until this task is complete.

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@Jake Carden Thank you!

It is possible to edit the child ticket requester. would that work?

Hi Andre,

I’m afraid this is not supported at the moment. However, happy to take this up with our product team as a feature request.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice

@Jake Carden - our Team is running into the same roadblocks with the software. If you remove proprietary info, would you be open to sharing the script you manually run to change requesters of bundled service items? It would shave off hours of development time for me. Thank you.

Hi Mel,

Not a problem! I've attached and stripped out the info that's specific to us which was our API key, and two instances of our ticket URL.

Hope this helps!

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