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Scheduled Re-opening of Pending tickets

 Sometimes a ticket which is in a "Pending" state will need to be re-opened at a specific time.  For example, if a user leaves on vacation, we may want to put their tickets in "Pending" until they return.  Another example would be a user provisioning or de-provisioning where we cannot complete some tasks until a waiting period is complete.

It would be useful if tickets in a "Pending" state had a "Due Date" field just like "Open" tickets.  Once a "Pending" ticket passed this date/time, an Automation rule would be triggered.  (Users could then set up automation rules to re-open the ticket, automatically follow-up for more information, or whatever they need.)

As a side note, I know you can currently set Automation rules to trigger after a ticket has been in a certain state for a certain time, but many tickets require custom times on them which a catchall rule cannot provide for.

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