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Release Notes - 05 December 2019


  • Closure Rules: Users can now mandates certain criteria for ticket resolution and closure to regulate the business rules in a service desk. More info here.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: This integration comes with our Freshservice Bot a.k.a the ServiceBot which can push notifications to MS Teams about new tickets to agents/groups. They can also be used to update or respond to tickets.  More info here.


  • Freshservice - Freshrelease Integration: Now break the walls between IT and development teams by enabling IT teams to run projects with development teams to resolve issues and to deploy changes in an agile way. More info here.


  • Assets: Now users can directly create an incident or a change directly from the assets page.

  • Service Catalog: Now users can search for service items right from the self-service portal homepage.

  • Vendor: Now users can create custom fields for vendor management to capture further information apart from the default fields.

  • Ticket: Now users can add the “Closed date” field for tickets table view.

  • Workflow Automator: We’ve added new fields (is empty, is not empty, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to) to the condition block of the workflow automator.

  • Ticket list: We’ve now introduced table view for problem, change and release tickets. 

  • SCCM Probe v4.2.0 : Introducing support for syncing additional fields, including the custom fields, from SCCM to Freshservice. More info here

  • Table View: Users can now resize the column width for a particular field in table view for tickets.

  • Tickets: Users can now export the ticket activities for a particular ticket.


  • Assets: Previously if users filtered the asset type as consumables the asset list page didn’t load. This is now fixed.

  • SCCM Probe v4.2.0: In AD sync, the sync was not triggered for any custom schedules that were configured. This is now fixed.

  • Email: Users kept receiving notifications even after they were removed from the cc list. This is now fixed.

  • Service catalog: The preview option was not working while creating or editing custom fields for a service item. This is now fixed.

  • Email: Previously users could reply to emails for tickets that were deleted. This is now fixed

  • Workflow Automator: When the action “Send Email to Agent” was performed the body of the email was blank. This is now fixed.

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The Table View is getting there, glad to see new available column fields and the resizing is nice, now if we could just sort by clicking the desired column! Maybe something in the works?...

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Nice release. FreshRelease is an interesting tool for our Agile shop. Looks and feels alot like ADO/TFS but a bit more clunky. Some click and drag kinks need to be worked out to make moving user stories to sprints and epics more easy. Is there documentation on how to import test cases. Not quite getting the result I wanted with each step being a separate item.

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For Ticket Closure rules, I don't see it but is there some way to have them apply only to certain Companies (Clients)? If not is this planned? We have some clients that are hourly and logging ticket time is mandatory for our techs (but so often gets forgotten) and then we have other clients that are "all you can eat" and we're not required to report time spent. Our ayce clients are our biggest and busiest ones to enabling this across the board would be very disruptive to most of our techs, so we'd love to be able to apply this to only specific customers.

Now that we have this, it would also  be really nice if adding time to a ticket wasn't this after thought that took multiple clicks to get to and hidden on the side at the bottom. Being able to add time right from ticket list would be amazing and a small widget/box above requester info would be helpful as well. Maybe for sometime in 2022? or if you rush it 2022? I kid, but not really...

It would be really nice if we could sort each column by clicking on the column name - the mouse is already a click so it feels like it should be there

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