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Reply to a Private Note

When we forward emails to someone, they reply and the reply is added as a private note. Can we reply to that private note rather than continually forwarding to the 3rd party?

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This feature request could be really handy. the forward option only forwards what the original requester has send in and the agent has answered publicly. 

having an option to reply to a private note, with the last reply as history in the answer would be perfect!

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For me is must have. Right now i need to maintain several agent accounts only for read access to freshservice because we cant send all ticket conversation(including private note) to third party.

This is a challenge for us aswell. It´s impossible to start a long thread with a third party with the "forward" option only.

And If we could be able to change the "reply to" field it would be even better

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into bringing more collaboration options to Freshservice. I'll take this request along.



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Yes, this is very annoying, when you work a lot with external IT-Providers and Specialists.

It would be a great feature.

I'd love that feature too and I've been really disappointed when I found it missing. I just moved to Freshservice from Freshdesk, where this has been available for long time (here's a screenshot):


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