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Observers in Agent Groups

Agents who need access to tickets belonging to groups other than their own can now be added as Observers in those groups. 

You can now add agents to groups in two modes:

  1. As Members: Agents get access to, and can be assigned tickets and other items (problems, changes, releases, assets, tasks) that belong to the group. 
  2. As Observers: Agents get access to tickets and other items (problems, changes, releases, assets, tasks) that belong to the group, but they can't be assigned these items. In other words, their names won't appear in the "Agent" dropdown for items assigned to the group.


This feature can be used in many scenarios:

  • An agent who belongs to an L1 support team can be added as a member to the L1 group, and as an observer to the L2 to L3 groups, if they need access to tickets even when the L2 or L3 groups are working on them.
  • An HR agent can be added as a member of the HR group, and as an observer of the Facilities and IT groups, if they want to check the fulfilment progress of employee joining kits.
  • A Network Operations Manager who works in the US office of a company can be added as a member of the US Network Operations group, and as an observer of the UK Network Operations and Asia Pacific Network Operations groups, if they want to keep themselves updated of issues in other regions.

This feature will be available on our Forest plan in a few weeks.

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Will observers still receive group notifications?

Hey Marek,

Yes, observers will receive group notifications.

Is it possible to have observer roles only? 


Could you please explain with an example use case?

Great feature. Thrilled to see this in action as well.

Pity you plan to release only on forest plan. What is planned for Estate customers ?



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Will such a feature ever be created for other requesters to view tickets created for a different requester as we have a customer base that generally raise tickets on behalf of somebody else or have the need to track the status of tickets.

It would be great if there could be an option that admins can set for observers receiving group notifications (both browser and email). In our case, we want our call center agents to be able to view tickets assigned to other groups in case someone calls to check on the status of that ticket. However, they don't want to receive all of the notifications associated with all of those other groups.

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does an observer use an Agent Seat/license?

use case: Someone who logs in twice a quarter to observe historical tickets but otherwise doesn't use Freshservice. Occasional doesn't work for this as it needs an admin to assign that every time. 

This is a good feature that is long overdue. However, if a ticket passes through three groups only the last group to handle it can actually see the ticket within things like search. There should be native ability that if you contributed to the issue, you should be able to see it.

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Will this only be available in the forest plan?

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We'll announce upcoming Estate features in this Roadmap section. Please stay tuned!

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Could you please help us understand both those use cases better?

  1. When/why do requesters need to raise tickets on behalf of somebody else?
  2. When/why do requesters need to check the status of tickets raised by others?

im not peter but we also would like to see the option to open a ticket on behalf of somebody else. we often getting tickets from the secretary of headofs or partners.

this extension would also arouse the need to be able to set before when sending a feedback to whom the feedback should go.

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Thanks for the feedback. We'll add this use case to our backlog.

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