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Ability for agent/managers to create Onboarding requests

I'm in the process of testing onboarding and as an agent, but as an agent I don't have the ability to use my account.  I'm also a hiring manager for the IT team, and in that role I need to be able to create onboarding requests.  Could that be added as a feature request?

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Hello Kim, 

We're working on allowing agents to initiate onboarding requests from the support portal. We're expecting to ship this in the next week or so. I'll keep you posted here when we go-live. We're also adding a bunch of new enhancements to this module - more details here.

It would also be helpful for the HR Recruiter (or other selected to parties) to be able to be marked as observers on tickets so they can monitor progress when they are not the manager, but an interested party.  Similar to the Watcher functionality but for non-agents.

Hi Suzanne, 

The requester of the onboarding ticket (ex. the Manager) can "add people" to the onboarding ticket (like the HR Recruiter) so that they are kept informed of the progress. All ticket notification emails will be sent to those added. Let me know if this helps. :)


Is there any way to do this my automation?

Hello Patrick, 

Adding the Reporting Manager to the ticket conversation automatically is definitely more efficient. I'm afraid that's not possible at the moment, we will take this feedback into consideration as we build further enhancements to this module. Thank you for the feedback, Patrick. 

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