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Export/Share Project Tasks

As an agent working within the Project module in Freshservice, I've found a lot of value in building out detailed task trees and dependencies for implementations and business projects that I'm assigned. However, the rest of my project teams are not set up as agents within the system and have no access to the project module. 

I'm requesting the ability to somehow share the task lists and the gantt chart with my team. If there was a way to export that data into pdfs that I could send along, it would be a huge help with regard to maintaining good communication and oversight in projects that we host in Freshservice. 

I am imagining this as a general-view sort of list with each Task populated with name, description, time frame, assignment with dependent tasks listed beneath their parent tasks, tabbed somewhat for flow. The gantt chart would be a challenge with regard to print area, but I see that printing via the same formatting tendencies of excel. 

Potentially, a detail-list view for tasks would be beneficial as well, printing out that same list but including all comments beneath each task.

The ability to filter and select tasks for this export by virtue of their assignee, time frame, etc would also be great. IE: Print list of all tasks assigned to X. Or print list of all tasks due before Y, include comments. That sort of prompting.

Anyone else feel that this would be a beneficial function in the system for getting your tasks out to a team who has no access? For populating topics for weekly standup meetings?

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