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asset discovery agent for Mac not reporting

i have downloaded the install package for the asset discovery agent for Mac.   I followed the instructions to unpack the file and ran the .pkg installer.   It appears to run to completion but my laptop does not appear in the list of captured assets.

Other Mac users in my organization have run the installer without issue.

I'm on macOS 10.14.6

additional information:   I'm a remote user.  I've attempted the install both while connected via VPN and standalone.  The other users in my company who have successfully installed it are on the network in the office.

Hi Jerry, 

I apologise for getting back to you at a later date. 

I'd like to analyse the logs to see if the Agent has been installed correctly and if it's able to connect to your office network. Would it be possible for you to send us the same? 

The path for Mac devices is as follows : /Library/Freshservice/Freshservice-Discovery-Agent/ 

I'll have this topic converted to a ticket and have our agents reach out to you over an email. 

Happy Supporting! 

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