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Custom reports for service request items

It would be super nice if you could build a report for a specific service request.

Since it would be nearly impossible to create a dynamic report with custom fields from many service request items, I propose the ability to build the report based on the service item

  1. Choose service item
  2. Choose system fields from service item
  3. Choose custom fields from service item.

Yes, this report would only work for the specific service item (and that's the point).

In SalesForce, you can have thousands of very specific, very custom reports.
It's not necessary for all reports to be so dynamic that it limits functionality.

Give us the option to choose if we want broad scope reports, or very precise reports.

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With the COVID-19 outbreak I could not agree more. We are using the system to identify staff that are self-isolating. The HR department, aside from handling the tickets and pushing this to payroll, want a report that shows 1) Who is in isolation 2) The date they started. A VERY reasonable request.

There is no way to get down to the service request fields and get that data out. Not even via the API library. 

I think that if this is a system that is trying be an enterprise service desk, then the reporting should be available in case auditors come in. Right now, it is severely lacking in this area. 


Kyle and Patrick,

We have the ability to report on service requests/items in our new Analytics module, and if you haven't received access to the module already, we'll be enabling it for your accounts over the next few months once they become eligible for the feature.

Meanwhile, we now have an APIs to retrieve data from service requests as well:

Yes we did get it and I can now get all the reporting I need right from the Analytics interface. Nice solution.

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