Welcome Thank Yous with Freddy!

Ticketing reports and metrics are all over the place, and your service desk productivity goes haywire. Countless ‘Thank you’ messages and responses get accumulated, and it all becomes one giant iceberg that you’re looking to steer clear off and perhaps not sink your so-called “metrics boat”.

This is why we’ve come up with a simple, but robust solution - the Thank You Detector.

Powered by Freddy, our savvy AI buddy, the Thank You Detector can be set up using Freshservice’s Workflow Automation. Freddy can intuitively detect when your end-users respond with a ‘Thank You’ and will keep resolved or closed tickets at bay or from re-opening.

Get all info on how to enable  "Thank you detector" for your service desk from here.

I had to disable "Freddy's" thank you detector for closing tickets that should not be closed.  

Hi Sawyer,

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback. Could you give us examples of customer responses that should have prompted Freddy to reopen the tickets instead? This will help us understand what went wrong and what we could do to improve. 


I can.  Could you email me, that way I am not posting these responses in the public forum.  

The automator in the example is closing tickets that are set to open. I think a condition needs to be changed to Match all and add "Status includes Resolved or Closed" to Freddy Suggestion....

That should prevent the automator from working on Open tickets. Does that sound right? (I'm testing it now....)

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