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Chasing the new IP addresses of Freshdesk's email servers

In order for Freshdesk to send emails that are spoofed as coming from my domain (helpdesk@<domainname>.com), I have to add them to the white list of my third party spam filter.  Otherwise, they will be rejected.  This makes sense.  The spam filter is doing it's job.

About 2 years ago, I started out with a few dozen IP addresses that a Freshdesk technician gave me.  Now, that list has grown to 104!  In the past week, I have discovered at least 5 more IP addresses and have also added them to my white list.

I chatted with another technician several months ago, and they gave me an incomplete list.  Finally after a few back-and-fourth comments, they looked deeper and found more IP addresses that are being used for email.  In that same conversation, I expressed frustration and asked if someone on the Freshdesk side could send out an update to all of us admins so we could be on the front end of this, and not have to react to failed deliveries.  They said there wasn't such a list, and that I should reach out to the community about it.  What?!  I pay money for what?!

So I just wait until I get the following message, and then jump on my spam filter to determine the newly found (and supposed unlisted) IP address to add to my white list.


It is hard to believe that what they are telling me is accurate, since this is a paid product and matured.  Although there are some other quirks about the application, I can't believe there isn't a way for Freshdesk to constantly communicate with admins like myself about newly added IP addresses that their mail servers use.

Am I the only one in this category?  I thought I would find someone else mentioning this issue in the community, but I have come up empty handed.

Hello Eric,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. This unfortunately is not the appropriate forum for the questions you have, so please allow me to create a ticket for you so someone get you a response. 


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I would also be interested in obtaining assistance for a similar obstacle we are facing. We are looking to migrate our SMTP server and would require Freshdesk Mail Server IP addresses to add to whitelist.

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