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Look-up Fields in Service Catalog and Ticket Forms

Build custom links with Freshservice entities through Look-up Fields

With Look-up fields, admins can configure fields in Freshservice forms that can reference information from other entities (such as Requesters, Agents, Location, Assets) within Freshservice. Admins will also be able to configure context-specific conditions to narrow down the list of items that will be available for Requesters on forms.

Look-up Fields will be available in Service Catalog Item forms first. We will be introducing Look-up Fields to Ticket Forms following that.

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Thank the Gods!   It was frustrating not having this ability already.   It will be a big help moving forward once it has been implemented!  Thanks!

Hey all,

Look-up fields for Service Catalog Item forms is now live. 

Here's an article that will help you with your setup. I've also attached a video, demonstrating how Look-up fields can be configured.

Let me know if you have any feedback.

Thank you.



Product @ Freshservice


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Great news on reference fields in the service catalog!  It's good to see that there can be conditions on assets and users.  Any plans to have conditions for locations?  We have 49 locations, but 12 of them should not be in the selection list for requesters.

Is there an indication when this wil be live for ticket fields? :)

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While a good start, there is no excuse for the limited number of data sources. It is critical that we be able to select from lists across the platform. Specifically from Vendors, the Product Catalog, and Companies/Departments.

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As with all things Freshservice, it's a phased roll out. Freshworks will build on this, but agreed a good start.

Pretty useless to us unfortunately in it's current state. Without the ability to show a consolidated list of requesters + agents, a large portion of people would be missing from the list.

As I mentioned earlier, agents can be requesters too and should also appear in the requesters list.


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Just found out the asset look-up pulls the display name, not the asset tag number.  The ability to pick which field in the asset entry would be helpful.  Having the display name as the look-up is useless to us.

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Agree with Leigh's comment.  Requesters should include agents or there should be a separate "All Users" type of field that has both.  Please make this change and also add some of the other common fields such as department, products, etc.

That said, this is a good start.  Please continue to flesh it out and add this capability to ticket fields.

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Thank you so much for the feedback.

This is just the start, and we will definitely building on this, in the coming months.

We will be expanding on the entities that can be 'looked up' and also expanding this capability into other Freshservice forms, incrementally.

I'll keep you informed as and when we are able to ship them.



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Hi, thanks for the feature!

Would be important to have a ability to pass more Information via placeholders. For example:  A user chooses in a lookup field another user. The placeholder of the field contains only the name of the user. The problem is that the Name is not enough to identify the user. Adding the email address to the placeholder would help for example.


Can you advise when the lookup feature will be launched in Tickets.  its so frustrating not being able to assign locations to tickets.  

It's been a few months now and I just wanted to check in to see if there's any time frame of having a single consolidated source of Requester & Agents yet?


Hi Leigh, The ability to look-up both Agents and Requesters together is something thats in the works. I'll share an update when we're closer to completion. 

Hi Niall,

We plan to bring in look-up fields to other Freshservice forms too. We will start with Change forms followed by Ticket forms. At this point, I don't have a timeframe for when that'd be done, unfortunately. I'll keep this thread posted.



Product @ Freshservice

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Yay! Thanks for the update Sundar.


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