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Software Asset Management Enhancements

We're improving the Software module to allow teams to manually maintain software that cannot be discovered and also add more capabilities to track users who use software. Here are some of the changes you'll see in Software Asset Management over the next few months.

  • Create, Update and Delete any software that cannot be discovered (including SaaS Applications)
  • Add/Remove installs of a software
  • Introducing a way to manage the users using a software. This will enable you to track the software that do not have any installs (SaaS Products) more effectively.
  • Add/remove users using a software
  • Link users to a contract to track approved users vs unapproved users
  • Export Software, Installs and User lists
  • Group related software. Eg. Group different versions of the same software or group all the individual components of a software suite
  • APIs for all of the above operations

We are also looking at how we can enable IT teams to track, manage and optimize SaaS products better. If this is of interest to you, do check out this topic and share your thoughts. 

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Will this allow us to assign software or licenses to computers rather than users?

We have an annoying bit of software that has 50 individual computer licenses.  Currently we use a spreadsheet to keep track as to do this in FS now i would need to create 50 different contracts for 1 single application.

Hi Dave, You'll be able to create a software and add all the devices where the application can be used. The software can then be linked to one contract. You definitely won't have to maintain 50 different contracts to achieve this. 

All of these features would be greatly welcomed, but I hope it's not something that folks in a year or two will still be asking where is this feature...!


Does this mean we no longer need managed assets to discover the software ?



Safet, we understand the concern :) You'll see the enhancements listed here roll out regularly over the next few months. 

Stefan, If you have a different discovery source, the APIs can be used to update the software information in Freshservice and you won't need managed assets in this case. 

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Hi Sidhaarth, 

Thank you for your feedback. 

If I understand correctly, in this new capability we will be able to create a Software manually without having to discover the asset and without having to purchase a managed asset. Is my understanding correct ?

However, you are mentioning also an API capability to update the Software. I'm not aware about an API that could manage Software objects. 

  1. Is this something you plan to bring with this new capability ?
  2. Will the API be able to create, update and delete the Software object ? 

Thanks again for your confirmation. 



Hi Stefan, That's right. You can add software manually without having to discover assets. This means that you don't need to purchase managed assets if you want to manually maintain software. 

However, we recommend using discovery to populate the software list as maintaining all the software manually can become time consuming and difficult in the long term. The option to manually add software is to keep track of the applications that cannot be discovered using the discovery tools.

We are adding the APIs to Create/Update/Delete software in this enhancement. This will allow syncing software to freshservice just like how we allow syncing device information from other sources such as Jamf now. 

I hope this clarifies.

Hi Mohana, 

Definitely. Thanks for the feedback. 

Best Regards, 


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