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Managing CAB meetings within Freshservice

CAB meetings involve a lot of operational overhead. Change managers need to manage the meeting invites, meeting attendees, create an agenda for every meeting, send out this agenda with additional comments prior to the meeting, conduct the actual meeting, take notes, send out minutes of the meetings. That's a lot! Change managers usually context switch multiple times back and forth between excel sheets, emails, google/outlook calendar and Freshservice app. 

We understood these difficulties and we making this super simple by enabling change managers do all these right within Freshservice. Change managers will now be able to define calendar events to schedule cab meetings. These can be one time or recurring events. Changes (agenda items) to be discussed in the meeting can also be included to these events. Change manager will also be able to send meeting invites to participants, run the cab meeting in play mode (where changes can be navigated as a slide show), capture meeting notes and send MoM post meeting.

Please see the mock screens. 

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Is “Change Managers” a new role? It would be good to mark requesters as change managers to allow them more overview of changes without having to have them as agents.

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No, we are not introducing a new role. There is an existing privilege called "Manage change life cycle". We will enhance this to something like "Manage change lifecycle and windows" (This is TBD. Name not yet finalised). Whoever has this privilege will be able to manage (create/update/delete) cab meetings as well. Other agents, if they are added as attendees, will be able to view the meeting.

We are also working on Request for change (RFC) feature wherein we are enabling requesters to raise a change. Along with this, we will also look into how requesters can view changes. 



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This looks great, whats the timescales? We would be happy to Beta test this too.


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The changes look good and if we would also be happy to beta test to help with a faster release date.
Karthik, Along with working on looking into how requesters can view changes, can that also be an adjustment for the requester with the project feature as well.

Whats the ETA on this,I cannot wait

ETA is Mid October 2019.

@Jaymar Thanks for the feedback. We are not currently thinking of something on this line for Projects but will take a note of this. Thanks. 

I just submitted a ticket for this type of thing... let me know if what I'm describing sounds good... I REALLY Like what you're showing here but a few tweaks will really take it to another level.  My last company used service now and we managed CAB within Service Now on a dashboard.  We could see all normal changes that were in "requested" progress that had to have the CAB review and approve.

Once a week in CAB we reviewed the normal changes and in CAB discussed and approved the change.  What would be REALLY nice is if on the Change screen under approvers if we could check off the names of people who are in CAB and then click CAB approved or something of that nature so that the change would be able flagged as approved.  This way users would not need to manually go into their mobile app/web portal to hit approve.  In CAB we discuss it, approve it and it updates to approved once that is done.

Can we work towards getting this type of functionality added in the future?  Happy to disucss in detail with mock up screens etc what we are hoping for.

Thanks again for all the great work you do.  Will you be at Refresh next week?  I plan to attend and would love to connect and introduce myself and chat!

@Robert Thanks for the feedback. Basically, you're looking for "on behalf of" approval. In the cab meeting, cab members verbally approve and you probably just want to make a note that the cab has approved and then mark the change as approved. This way every cab member doesn't need to manually open the url/app and approve. Is my understanding correct?

We were initially thinking of doing something similar but one aspect was change approvals being audit-able. There will not be any transaction in the system to vouch that the CAB member approved in this case. Hence we retained the existing approval mechanism.

Thanks for the reply, Karthik!

The process I defined would still be audit-able as no changes are approved outside of CAB.  From an ITIL perspective, standard changes; once the repeatable, low risk item is approved no longer require approval from the CAB.  Emergency changes are performed without approval so as to restore service, they would then be reviewed in CAB after deployment and marked with a custom "CAB Reviewed" date.

For normal changes, we met weekly and only during the weekly meeting could an item be brought to CAB for approval.  Changes were not approved outside of this schedule.  So when we explained our process to auditors that changes were reviewed during the weekly CAB meeting and approved by the CAB membrs in attendance (hence the need to check who was approving on the change) and then approved we had no audit issues.

I feel that with some slight tweaking of how you're implementing the new CAB meeting functionality you could deploy a solution that was client agnostic.  You could allow clients who want to operate with the approval method (email/app notification) to CAB for either majority, all or a specific continue to operate in this manner... but perhaps on the CAB setup you could check a box on the CAB stating something like CAB Meeting approved only Yes/No.  This way a client who wanted to operate like I'm describing could have the flexibility I'm looking for (and what my auditors are comfortable with) and clients who want the ability to approve  on the fly can still operate.

Does that make sense?  

I'm really looking forward to this, look like it covers all of the pain points we face in CRB, CAB chairing, Please reach out when this is ready for Beta I'd really enjoy getting this up and running for us. 

This looks great, and would really tie together our process.

One suggestion is with the calendar.  If you lock the calendar up in the app it will be challenging for others to ingest.  This also extends to other calendars on the site.  If you could make the calendar accessible via an ICS, or in Outlook, or some other system it would be much more usable. 

Looks very nice and something we would definitely use!

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