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Thank you detector by Freddy

One common problem that many of our customers face today is tickets getting reopened when the requester responds back to a resolved ticket but there is no further work or action item to be performed by the agents. Usually, help desk administrators set up an automatic work flow rule to reopen resolved tickets whenever the requester replies. Sometimes the requester is not happy with the solution provided, needs more information or help. In these scenarios, it does make sense to reopen the ticket so that it agents can take a look. However, a lot of times, requester just replies back saying “Thank you, this works” or “I’m happy with the solution. This can be closed”. Reopening tickets in these cases causes unnecessary workload to the agents. It also impacts the metrics such as reopen rate.

This is now a solved problem! Freddy, our intelligent and smart AI buddy can now detect the intent behind a requester’s response . This intent detection can be plugged right into the workflow. Only if the intent is a not “Thank you message” we can set rules to re-open the ticket. In other cases, ticket will remain resolved. 

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I saw this at refresh a few months ago through the link here

What threshold of confidence was decided on to class it as a thank you message? Is this something we'll be able to customise?

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Hi Karthik, 

It the feature working in other languages that English (French for instance) ?



Yup, works for all languages. 

Does this do this only for tickets in a Resolved state? What if the ticket is 'With Customer', for instance. We are using it and it definitely seems to work for Resolved tickets. Nice little additional to the system.

Hi Karthik,

It seems to work only if a requester sends something back like "Thank You".

But most requesters in our environment will send something back like: "Thank's for your effort, have a nice day". 

Freddy is not picking up any "Smart" replies. 

Would like to see it a bit smarter ;).

To reiterate my question earlier:

What threshold of confidence was decided on to class it as a thank you message? Is this something we'll be able to customise?

Anyone at Freshservice?

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Hi there,

^ Agree with Jake on this.

How can we be sure that Freddy isn't producing any false positives?

Kind Regards,

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