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Dates & Dependant fields don't auto fill for additional items

All the other fields seem to auto populate based on the parent request (before submitting). 

Parent Request:


Related Items:


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Hi Leigh, 

We bought about an enhancement which would now copy the date field from Parent Ticket over to the Child Ticket. 

We will also raise a request for the nested fields and will keep you posted on our inputs for the same. 

Thanks for using Freshservice!

I see that this is marked as "Answered" but that covers on the Date issue. I noticed that fields nested within dynamic sections are still not auto-populated for Child Tickets.

That information is important and potentially missing in associated Child Tickets, meaning the tech has to open the Parent Ticket to gather that information.

 Is this something that can be expected in the future? 

Hi Deborah,

We understand your requirements. We’ll raise a feature request ticket on your behalf to auto-populate the custom fields inside dynamic sections from parent to the child service item.

You can mark these fields as mandatory in the child items for now to avoid missing out on the data. Let us know if there are any specific fields/types in the dynamic section that you require to be auto-populated. We can check with our product team and update you.



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