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Release Notes - 19 July 2019


  • Tickets: Now users can quickly assign tickets to groups or to a particular agent right from the tickets list page.


  • Roles & Permissions: We're now introducing a distinct permission to manage agent availability for automatic ticket assignment (round-robin). Navigate to Admin > Roles >  Administration > Manage Agent Availability. This ability would continue to be available to agents who have the "Play God" permission.


  • Asset API V2: For Create Asset and Update Asset APIs, we now support string inputs for Domain. In View Asset API, the Domain name is now available as String instead of ID earlier. 

  • SLA Policies: Now users have the ability to set the SLA to a minimum of 5 minutes for response and resolve time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tickets: Previously when users removed attachments from a child ticket the attachment in parent ticket was automatically deleted. This is now fixed.

  • Form Templates: Users faced few formatting issues in form templates description. This is now fixed.

  • Custom Dashboard: Previously the username didn’t render for the Leaderboard widget. This is now fixed.

Is there a way we can disable the option to assign/show group in the ticket list? Now that you've added that we can only see a part of the persons first name so if you have two people with similar names we don't know who the ticket is assigned to. This is a bit of a step backwards or a poor design implementation. Maybe quickly move Group to it's own line? So we can see the full group name too as well as the full name instead of a little part of each one?

Hello Phill,

Unfortunately we won't be able to disable the option to assign groups from the ticket list view. However, we are working on an update that will increase the width of the field - that way you will be able to see more characters. 

This update should be out sometime this week. 

Thank you for your feedback.



Product @ Freshservice

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