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UI - Expand Ticket List information display area

The (very helpful) ticket information panel in the Ticket list view should be widened or allow the user to set the "column width" of that area so that the "Assign to" field can be viewed without hovering over it.  

On the PC view, there is plenty of room and would make the ticket screen a lot more useful to see to whom each ticket is assigned.

In the example below, if I have two agents named "Justin" I couldn't tell from looking at the list to whom each ticket is assigned without hovering/clicking:


If the information area was expanded, it could look something like this instead:


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Hi Brandon,

We just shipped a new update where we have increased the width of 'Assign to' field. You should be able to see more characters now.

Happy to take feedback.

Thank you.



Product @ Freshservice 

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