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incoming Emails are always set as "Incident"


We're a new Freshservice adopter - launched on 24 June, 2019. 

Currently, around 80% of our tickets come in via e-mail, and are a mix of Requests & Incidents (~60/40 split on average historically). 

Freshservice always sets Incident as the type for incoming emails. This is killing our stats, which show that 90% of our tickets are now Incidents (and we *know* this is far from true). 

[Over time, yes, we'll push more portal use, but we have an issue today.

Now we can, and know how to, change INC- to SR- when agents are updating tickets. 

But of course, Agents are people, and are NOT doing this routinely. 

Has anyone out there encountered this, and found a clever way around this?

We've asked, and it's not possible to leave Type as blank on incoming emails (possible option feature request???)

I have a clunky work around in mind involving the Supervisor checking all INC-categories and, using a list (ugh, keeping that up to date) would move wrongly-typed tickets to be Service Requests

any thoughts?

Iain C

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