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Search should be global to include service items (on the customer portal)

Currently it only shows knowledge articles and incidents. 


It would be absolutely amazing if this was extended to also search the service catalog. Instead, users have to navigate to the Service Catalog section and then search separately there.


Minor change but I think this would make a big difference from a user experience perspective.

Furthermore, when users are submitting a ticket it would be great if they're shown relevant Service Items that match their ticket subject. Currently this is limited to knowledge base articles: 


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This would be great to implement.  The main portal page search should be all inclusive.  On another note, the service catalog page does not do partial searches.  Using the above example, typing in "pay" in the catalog search would not pull up "payroll" items.

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I would really like this too - Google Analytics shows us that about one third of our customer search terms are for services in the catalogue and it won't display any results for them at the moment.

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@Mary S it's a bit of a bodge but one way round this at the moment is to work in alternative spellings and search terms into the service description text somewhere, as these are queried for the search results.

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That doesn't work for me Jonathan. The example payroll service item above has the term 'payroll' mentioned in the description, however it still doesn't find it.

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