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Workflow conflict / Add PRIVATE note after closure <> Reopen ticket when requestor responds


A bug in workflow automator.

We have 2 rules:

1. If ticket updated / if status is closed / add private note "<text>"

2. Out of the box rule > Reopen tickets when the requester responds

When ticket is "closed"  rule 1. is executed and "SYSTEM" adds a private note.

But it is in the same time also rule 2. executed. and ticked reopened!

This ticket can not ever be closed.

Problem is, that Freshservice does not recognize System note and Requestor note.

Or the primary EVENT(condition) if requester responds is wrongly defined in code of rule 2.

Thank you


Hi Peter,

We could see one of agents had helped you with a resolution for this issue, please let us know if you are still facing the issue and would be happy to help!

For the benefit of others, there was an issue with the workflow automator considering Private notes as a reply and this has been fixed, which would solve the above case.



Hi Raj,

Has this been fixed with some patch or you mean the workaround from your helpful agent, which has added an extra condition into first rule > condition /AND Last action was:"text"/?

With actual workaround it is working now, but I am not really happy with it.



Hi Peter,

There has been a deployment as well to fix the issue of considering private notes as reply in workflow automator. This seem to have fixed the issue on our test accounts without the additional condition.



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