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Closure Rules for Tickets

A service desk admin/manager should be able to define rules for ticket resolution and closure based on their operational process of ticket handling lifecycle. 

Setting up of business rules for ticket resolution/closure is important because - 

  1. The service desk solution should operationalize the business process followed in the organization

  2. Remove any manual errors or miss outs during ticket resolution/closure

As a part of closure rules, a servicedesk agent should not be able to resolve or close a ticket 

  1. prior to adding a time entry.

  2. without closing all the associated tasks.

  3. prior to resolving/closing all the associated child tickets.

Quick snapshot below -

The closure rules will also work for the Android and iOS apps for Freshservice. Screenshots below-

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Please add cannot close or resolve without a note being added?

Yes! :)

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This will be a great feature! Sometimes our agents are forgetful when it comes to adding time, myself included.

Will there also be the possibility to add these rules when the status is "Resolved" instead of closed?  Many companies "finish" the interaction with the requester in the status "Resolved" and then anautomation closes the ticket.

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Looking forward to this! Time tracking is integral for our operations.

It would also be useful to have closure rules that enable you to specify particular fields have to be filled in completed, before the ticket can be resolved/closed.

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@Gonzalo, yes. We are building these rules for both "Resolved" and "Closed" status. 

@James, today the asked feature exists. You need to head over to Admin -> Form Fields -> Click on a field -> Check the box that says "Required when closing the ticket"

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Is there a timeframe on when this feature will be available?

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Yes please provide a timeframe... This is necessary to ensure our technicians are properly tracking time spent on tickets

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