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Custom Fields for Agents

Custom fields to store user information, which were only available for requesters until now, will now be extended to agents as well. The same user fields can be shared and used seamlessly across requesters and agents.

How does this help?

  • Custom fields can be created to store information related to agents. Examples include:
    • Technical skills
    • Shift and availability information
  • Workflows and integrations that could earlier utilize custom fields only for requesters can now do the same for agents as well. Examples include:
    • Ticket priority can be set, and approval can be routed based on values stored in these custom fields, irrespective of whether the requester on the ticket is an agent or a requester.
    • User information sync (from other platforms/applications) can now store data in custom fields for agents as well.


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I'm not sure I understand the feature or the use case, if somebody could explain?

Is this the ability to add Custom Fields in the Agents module?

@Jake Carden,

I've updated the description - I hope that helps.

@Gonzalo Morillas,

Yes, that's right. The previous description might have been ambiguous. Please let me know if the updated one is clear.

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This could be useful for work planning and task allocation.

This feature is now available. More information can be found here.

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