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Introducing Employee Onboarding

We are excited to launch our Employee Onboarding feature, that seamlessly allows the IT teams to collaborate efficiently with the HR teams, reporting managers and efficiently onboard new employees. This helps them maximize their potential, and achieve a healthy productivity rate right from the get-go. 

This feature is not available for MSP customers.

Why did we build Employee Onboarding?

  • Better collaboration among stakeholders
  • Efficient status tracking
  • Inclusivity & better management
  • Improve employee satisfaction

In this video get a glimpse on how collaboration works seamlessly in Employee Onboarding! 

Also, get insights on how the feature works and get a peek into why we built it.

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Why doesn't FreshWorks just enable Company select for MSP mode so we can use this module??  I would guess EVERY MSP customer also supports the "parent" company using FreshService as well, so not having this module feels like a complete miss.

I am beginning to look at and implement the Employee Onboarding module within Freshservice, and have observed / have questions regarding the below.

1. Requesting Person: Why is it assumed that HR are the doing the onboarding request? In our org, any manager at any level can request to hire someone. For them to be able to, is there is an option to make it available to ALL USERS, or do you have to filter via Requester Groups? We don't really use Requester groups in FS, so will need to come up with a way on how to categorise Managers dynamically, rather than having to manually always add any requesters into a Group, just so they can use the Onboarding module


2. Where does the hiring requester keep track of the approval/ticket status? Nothing seems to appear in 'Your Tickets' on support portal.

3. Is there an ability to send a copy of the onboarding details to any external (to freshservie) email addresses? We have several departments (payroll, accounts, rostering) that need to action work when staff start, but they are not agents on FS, so how do they get the info required?

4. When adding/ticking the Request Items as part of the onboarding module, each Service Request Item, still requires all the mandatory fields of that form, which often, the hiring manager will not know the details of. For example, we have many SRs that by themselves employees use to request access or hardware etc. and have several fields to fill out for us to then action the request (example: requesting a new headset requires the model, connection type and reason for the request), which when requesting multiple items for a new employee, will require the Initiator to fill in a LOT of fields, sometimes without knowing the details. Is there a way to skip the SR Custom Fields when logging via Employee Onboarding Module?

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@Martin James

  1. We can modify the name of the Stakeholder group to anything, it doesn't have to remain "HR Managers".   There are up to 3 different Stakeholder's, and each stakeholder can have more than one group in them. They can be Requester groups or Agent groups, so add whatever you wish.  Anyone in this first Stakeholder collection will see the employee onboarding button at the top of the Service Portal.
  2. The hiring requester will see them in the Employee Onboarding section, there's a drop down once we've clicked that, which will default to Awaiting Information, but we can select Requests In Progress and Requests Completed to see previously entered onboard requests.
  3. Yes, in the configuration we have it set to create a child ticket for X, Y or Z, add the info we want from the Onboarding request, and then through the automator, grab tickets that meet the criteria of X, Y or Z, and have the system e-mail Onboarding Placeholder information out.
  4. Not that we've discovered.  But, if the fields aren't mandatory, they don't have to be filled out and can be left blank.  We actually pull in Onboarding placeholder data into the tickets generated instead by the Onboarding Process and leave out Service Request's from the kit altogether for anything that needs additional information.   For something like the headset request, use the ticket generation in Onboarding (step 3) to create a ticket, assigned to the same group with a similar subject title, but include the details you need (like a basic model, basic connection and reason = new employee) and pull in anything like Employee Name from the "onboarding placeholder" info.


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@Ahrel Finne

Thanks for that feedback.

1. Yeah been able to change the name of the stakeholders, so thanks for identifying that.

2. I have raised a support request to see if can add an option/button to the existing icons (your tickets, pending requests, log ticket etc.) for eMployee Onboarding. I think users will not see the task bar at top to find the option. Will train them to of course :)

3. I have looked into sending out placeholder info from Onboarding tickets, and turns out you cant include Paragraph text fields. But you can use Paragraph text fields from Service Requests - so seems bit of a step back than just using SRs..... I have rasied a service request. 

I have also found you can't use the form fields of the Onboarding module as the condition in Workflow Automator (but you can from Service Requests - again, as step backward). We want to use some of the responses in the Onboarding form as conditions for WA. What criteria have you used when you say 'through the automator, grab tickets that meet the criteria of X, Y or Z'?

4. I found a way to skip SR workflows when raised via Employee Onboarding, by adding an initial condition of 'Source - is not - Employee Onboarding.

I have also found these new quirks, showtfalls too:

5. Unable to create Dynamic sections on the Initial form. Again, can do it in SRs, so another step back.

6. Unable to select some SRs to create Child tickets. Can only toggle on ALL create Child, or NONE create child tickets. - have raised feature request

7. Unable to use logic in the Child ticket creation of Employee Onboarding, when only certain responses are made in the form. Can't even workaround it using Workflow Automator, as you can't use the form fields from EO as conditions in Workflow Automator. (the assumption seems to be that every Onboarding follows the exact same process, with the same stakeholders and support teams - this is not the case)

8. Unable to use Paragraph fields from EO in Workflow Automator

9. Unable to use any EO info in canned responses.

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