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Alert Management

We understand IT teams are responsible for keeping applications and services up and running for their business users and this involves continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure. Different teams use different monitoring tools (there's a plethora of them!) to monitor their organization's infrastructure. Typically, IT teams will set up configuration rules in these tools to send out alerts when a threshold is breached (ex. CPU utilization of a server crosses 80%). These alerts are actionable and we want to enable IT teams to channels these alerts to Freshservice, wherein the team can triage, respond and resolve any issue triggering these alerts.

The benefits that IT teams can expect out of this: 

1. Reduce noise - Group similar alerts from the same server together under a single work item(incident). 

2. Full context of the issue from a single view - Freshservice will automatically associate the asset to the incident so that the agent can get the whole context from one view. 

3. Automatic Routing and prioritization - Set up rules based on which the tickets created through these alerts will be prioritized correctly and routed to the right agent groups. 

4. Auto closure of tickets - The ticket will be automatically resolved based on the status of the latest alert for that ticket. ex. If an alert was triggered due to a sudden spike, a new ticket is created and then the utilization might go back to normal, in this case this ticket will be auto-closed by Freshservice. 

Below: a ticket created through an alert. You can also see the recent alerts grouped together under the same ticket.

PS: this is  version 1 and we will continue to build on top of this. 

If you are interested to know more, please feel free to comment below and I will reach out to you. 



41 people like this idea

+1 interested here !

+1 one

I am interested too.

we would be interested in learning more.

Having just started with freshservice, I am desperately lacking this Feature as I send our Nagios notifications to the Helpdesk. If the email processing would be able to do some regexp, that would be a good start. 

Agreed, we use PRTG and would have a great use for aggregating our alerts and taking action. Please let us know how we can get involved.

Interested to hear how this progresses. We need to bring in network devices to the Freshservice database for asset management purposes.

would LOVE this, when's the beta??

I am also keen on this feature, when will this go live?

We are also very interested in this functionality. When could it be available?

We are interested in this. 

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instance (

Very Interested in this addition as it would improve the maturity of the FreshService solution.
Is there a timeframe or beta?

Joseph I saw your presentation at refresh 19 and I would like to be a tester for this feature it is something I think we could utilize in our organization.

Thanks for your interest. We will get in touch with you when we are ready with the Beta, which should be October/November.


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