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Intune Integration

The Freshservice - Intune Integration will allow you to sync all managed devices (computers, mobile devices) from Intune to Freshservice Asset Management. 

Critical device information from Intune can also be viewed in real time within the Asset view page. You can also trigger actions such as Lock, Wipe, Shutdown and Restart from the device view page in Freshservice instead of having to switch to Intune.

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Please add us also to the BETA.

Will this also manage cloud assets?

Hi Robbie, This integration is only to sync Computers and Mobile devices from Intune to Freshservice. 

Can you share what you want to achieve by getting all the cloud asset information in Azure to Freshservice?

We have approx 800 Azure cloud assets that we want FS to help manage for us from a CMDB perspective. 

Any roadmap for Azure integration? AWS has been there, but there should be a plug for Microsoft too.

could we enter the Beta for this as well?

University of Aberdeen, ( - we would like to participate in the beta too. 


Any update on this?

We're interested.

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