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Intune Integration

The Freshservice - Intune Integration will allow you to sync all managed devices (computers, mobile devices) from Intune to Freshservice Asset Management. 

Critical device information from Intune can also be viewed in real time within the Asset view page. You can also trigger actions such as Lock, Wipe, Shutdown and Restart from the device view page in Freshservice instead of having to switch to Intune.

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Hi Chase, This is the Integration we have been discussing about in this thread. We'll work with the partner to add this info as an update to the app. Is there any other functionality you feel is missing?


The MS Intune integration is now available on the marketplace. 

To install the integration, go to Admin -> Apps -> Get More Apps and search for Intune

You'll find the app listing here. Details on how to install the integration can be found here.

Let us know once you have had a chance to try out the integration. Looking forward to your feedback.



Installed the MS Intune integration this afternoon, all went well and the setup was real easy. Only remark i have at this moment is that i am missing the option to assign the new devices to users. For example, we had a few mobile devices, they are now imported but are not assigned to the user who the device is enrolled to in Intune. 

Is this something that will be fixes in the next release of the integration? 

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I have the same remark as Simon de Jong, the integration does not assign the user name to the device. Do you have a solution for these?


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I have the same issue. This is currently a real show stopper.

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Simon, Jacques, Jens, thanks for the feedback. Would you want the Intune to always be the source of truth for device assignment? This would mean that the integration will overwrite any existing assignment information in Freshservice as well. Do you see any situations where this might not work for you?

We are exploring a few ways to update this information. I'll drop a note once we decide on an approach.

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For me AzureAD/Intune should be the source of truth. We have about 20k devices in Intune and we have no possibility to maintain 20k in Freshservice ;-). It would be also really great to Scope the sync for device types like (Windows, ios or Android)

as it is now, we have multiple sources of truth (discovery probe, discovery agent) which both update the device info and assignments. For us it would be ideal to let the Intune integration manage and assign any assets we have in intune (mobile devices and a few laptops) to keep them up to date as well. this will allow us to use the time it takes to do the mobile asset management for other, more important things.

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Makes sense, Jens. Thanks for confirming. Can you explain a bit more about the requirement you have around syncing device types? 

Got it, Simon. Thanks for confirming. I'll get back in a few days with an update. 

We would have the same requirement as Simon is describing to make this useful to us.  Looking forward to hearing when this will be available.

Would definitely want Intune to be the source of truth. Would also, like any of these types of integrations, be great if we could add multiple Intune connections to the same FreshService instance. For those of us in an "MSP" mode, managed assets may live across multiple Azure tenants.

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Regarding device Types: we are in MSP mode and for some customers we are only responsible for the Windows devices. 

Does this work in MSP mode? i.e. connecting to multiple Azure trenants.

Is anyone using both this and the freshservice probe connection to SCCM?  

It would be nice to have phones, ipads, etc brought in from Intune, but since our windows devices are all co-managed by intune and sccm I am concerned about whether we would end up with duplicate devices in freshservice.  

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