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Airwatch Integration

The Freshservice - Airwatch Integration will allow you to sync all managed devices (computers, mobile devices) from Airwatch to Freshservice Asset Management. You can also view real time info about the device from Airwatch within the Asset view page in Freshservice. 

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Hi guys,

Any update on this guys? We're i mid-May now :)

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This would be great to keep track of all inventory in one pane of glass. Plus Freshservice has a much better reporting tool. :) 

This app is now available on Marketplace!

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Which credentials are we supposed to be using for the login configuration? I have used FreshService Credentials as well as Airwatch Credentials. It keeps saying authentication failed. 

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I have same issue with getting authentication failed. I'm using the cloud version (2006)

Interested in beta.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

It is my experience that if you don't get the credentials right the first time, they must get cached, because even if you correct them, the logon will still fail. You need to delete and re-install to get the authentication to work. Originally I used my credentials, but when my password changed, the integration failed (surprise, surprise). So I'm trying to change it to a service account. Authentication works, but it fails on the field mapping. I'm wondering if the service account needs to be an agent for that to work. Seems a waste of an agent license tho.


We are looking into all these issues. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will get back with an update soon.

Also, FYI, the credentials that you need to enter are for an account with access to AirWatch. I also found the API key fields a bit confusing. The API Key field is for the Freshservice API key (found under you profile settings), and the AW Tenant Code is the AirWatch API key.

Has anyone got this to work? I have even tried calling AirWatch and we input the host and aw tenant code together and it did not work for me. We get an authentication error.
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