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Microsoft Teams app for Freshservice

The Microsoft Teams apps for Freshservice send notifications to agents on Teams regarding newly assigned tickets and also regarding updates being made to them. Agents can also now interact with the bot to fetch information regarding tickets and changes to help collaborate in the context of the ticket/change.

Use case 1: IT Agents can now get notified in MS Teams regarding newly assigned incidents. The agents will also be notified about conversations being added to the ticket and also regarding any updates made to the status and priority. Agents can also perform certain quick actions like adding notes/reply on the tickets within the Teams interface.(Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


Use case 2: Agents can now interact with the bot (either one to one or can be used inside a team) to fetch contextual information about tickets and changes, collaborate and perform certain quick actions without leaving the Team’s interface. (Mocks below to showcase the interaction)


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I've been replying to another person and they saw the fix isn't ready yet and will contact me back when the fix is ready as I'm not going to walk through those 4 steps again that don't work and will wait for the fix if it ever arrives.

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Have the same issue.  Installed the Teams app without problems, added the ServiceBot with out problems.

But it only has one thing to say..... You don't have permission to perform this action

I did how ever install the FreshDesk Bot first, maybe that is interfering ?

Looking forward to a fix or a detailed workaround

Will try too uninstall everything and install again;-)

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Are there plans to make this Teams integration similar to the Slack one?  I would imagine many of us were hoping we were going to be able to make rules in FreshService similar to how we create rules for Slack.  For example, you can use the "send to Slack" action to create alerting for Urgent tickets.  Will this type of functionality ever be available for the Teams integration?

We got it working, but it's not ready for live in our environment. I just uninstalled it and will wait for more development.

Things I would ask for:

1. Ability to connect the bot to a specific channel under a Team. Currently, it might start in a channel, but always ends up in General. Also, I don't want it sending me personal chat messages.

2. Ability to filter messages, to the same filter I use in my Ticket list. I manage a subset of the IT department, so I'm in the "IT Group", but have filters to only show my team's tickets.

3. Ability to get more information about the ticket within Teams - it shouldn't kick me out to a browser each time.

We got ours working as well and I would hope I could move it to its own channel in Teams and not just the general tab.  I'd also like to see more stuff available in Teams as well without getting kicked to a browser although I do like adding a note from within Teams.

Can we also get an 'expand button' as it's cutting off some of the description in the ticket. What's the point of viewing it at teams if you can't read the tickets?

why it works for some and not others is bizarre.

Doesn't work for me. I use MFA though. Maybe that's the issue?

It is strange that it works for some and not others.  I have MFA on my Office 365 account and it works for us and don't think our early issues were related.  We also SSO with Freshservice using O365.

 I'm really happy this has been released, but right now in the early stages I don't really see the value in having the bot.  I would recommend waiting for further development of the bot to even humor the idea of installing it.

  • You can't really do much with a ticket using the bot (edit any fields, etc.)
  • You can't move it to its own channel and not have it blow you and your team up constantly
  • Having the same type of integration as SFB would be very helpful with interacting with users

The bot overall is a great idea, but right now it's just another means of being notified there's a request that has been created.  The details it spits out ultimately just kicks you out to the web page anyway, so we cut out the middle for now.

I hope the feedback is taken and the devs make something that would benefit us with end-user and customer interaction.

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fyi to people having trouble getting it setup.

If your office 365 username is NOT the same as your default reply email, then you may have problems getting the bot to work.

We are in MSP mode, so I didn't test the regular mode.

However, making our O365 username and default reply email the same fixed all of our bot problems.

I like the bot since I use teams far more than I use email.

Does anyone in this thread get the ability to notify via Teams when a customer replies to a ticket or a private note is added? 

I have the app installed in FS and ServiceBot installed in teams. I can Associate, get tickets, and all the commands from the ServiceBot work in the channel that I have installed this into. So all seems to be working there. The ticket notes are the only thing that are not coming across. I do have it configured in the FS app to do so:


When will we get to use this Plugin in the UK?

I'm UK based and have had access since launched.

Where the rest of the Road-map? their should always be more future road on a road-map.
When will users be able to collaborate with agents via teams and interaction be recorded in ticket?

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@Sb I wouldn't hold your breath. Freshworks aren't interested in that sort of option. They'd rather you used the comparatively terrible native features.

The almost total lack of engagement from Freshworks staff in this discussion is a pretty good indication of the level of care factor they have for it.

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