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Annoucments are broken...

Okay maybe not totally broken but maybe Freshservice will actually read this clickbait! 


Some time ago a poor decision was made to BCC every announcement (favoring the MSP's - well what about the rest of us who were here from day 1!). We need transparency as BCC'ing teams and various departments creates a whole lot of confusion and re-work. Often we are asked who was an announcement sent to, its forwarded to the same people we already included multiple times and in general people don't know who an announcement went to and want to know.


Announcements are a type of communication - communications are suppose to be effective at sharing and providing information. That is not happening given the current way this works. How many times has someone asked you - Did you see that message? Did you read my email? Do you have questions about that email? Well how about taking it to a whole another level of confusion when no one even knows what was sent and to whom!


When you made this change on a whim under a ticket that had nothing to do with this...

Multiple people reported that this is an issue! Many months of crickets later I feel compelled to tell you this is still broke.

Please allow us to communicate effectively with our organization and mixed teams based on product, system, etc. 


How hard is it to add a checkbox that then would send the announcement in the TO field instead of the BCC.


This cannot be rocket science - please fix this!!!

This worked extremely well when it worked and sent as TO! Now I and my co-workers all cringe when announcements are sent due to the BCC and also some have totally stopped using announcements due to its ineffectiveness to be transparent and improve communication.

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