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Closing a Change should close related tickets

When I close a change it doesn't closed related tickets, only problems, however problems are not always a reason for changes, for instance we have a process for requesting feature request in our ECM systems, this is not a problem it is a service request type. 

  • We go through the vetting process
  • We select a subset of the requests and create an associated change, 
  • We associate the related tickets to this change and plan the change accordingly
  • Finally once the change planning/testing/Approval portion is complete and we are ready for release we associate a release. 

  • Once we release the release is complete, the change is closed, but the associated tickets are left in whatever state they were already in. 

this is cumbersome as we then have to go through each associated ticket and close it manually.

this has been a major thorn in our side since we are pushing to be more inline with ITIL practices... any update or workaround for us?

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